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Strength & Conditioning Training


Strength & Conditioning Training

Click here to watch Al perform a Turkish Get Up while pressing not a kettlebell, but a 135-pound man! Amazing!

Al Lowrimore, owner of Kettlebells San Diego, and Petra Van Baar, owner of Dragonfly Fitness & East County Kettlebells, have teamed together to provide a unique strength and conditioning program for West Wind Volleyball.

“Unlike traditional strength training modalities, kettlebells fuel the attributes that make better athletes. Kettlebells are notoriously difficult–that difficulty will translate into better athletic performance, period. We have taught hundreds of people the skill of strength over the years, and the results are irrefutable; fighters are better fighters, golfers better golfers, surfers better surfers, and volleyball plays better volleyball players. We have a true love and passion to be a catalyst for positive change, and honored to be a part of West Wind.”

Al Lowrimore is RKC and KBC certified and currently teaches strength and conditioning, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and MMA at MCRD; Five Star Martial Arts; and other locations around San Diego.

Petra Van Baar is both RKC and CKFMS certified. She currently teaches strength & conditioning at MCRD, Scripps La Jolla, and other San Diego-area locations.